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The world of data and its many applications. This blog will help you learn how visionary companies are monetizing their data assets and utilizing external data to enhance business operations.

The Power Of Collective Intelligence: What Wall Street Can't Always Do Well.

Anyone who follows corporate earnings knows that getting an accurate read from these earnings estimates can be difficult. With this problem in mind, Estimize was created. Now with more than 13,000 buy-side, sell-side and independent analysts included in our dataset, we’re more representative and more accurate than the Street around 70% of the time.

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Vendor Spotlight: FactSet Financial Transcripts

FactSet, a leading name in financial data and analytics, joins DataStreamX with a product that supplements market intelligence for discerning investors — fully text-corrected, formatted, and verified Financial Transcripts.

With over 23,000 companies' events covered the Americas to the Far East, FactSet provides users with consistent, accurate and timely transcripts. 

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Vendor Spotlight: Estimize Crowd-sourced Earnings Estimates

"Crowd-sourced financial data is the natural evolution of investment research"

Estimize is consistently proving itself on having a better view on investment earnings expectations. With more than 13,000 contributors providing estimates on over 1,800 US equities, they have created a system that presents investors a holistic view of the market's true expectations.

Estimize has been outperforming Wall Street consensus estimates by being more accurate 70% of the time.

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Social Media Sentiment and Stocks: What Steve Ballmer taught us on trading on Tweets

Just before 11am New York time on Oct 16th, Twitter’s stock started showing unusual activity on the Flockpit Dashboard. Twitter had traded sluggishly in the morning, hence such an abrupt rise in activity was a strong indicator for an upcoming price movement and a quick check revealed that a tweet allegedly posted by Steve Ballmer, claiming that he had bought 4% of the company, was the hot topic.

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Vendor Spotlight: Intrinio Investment-Grade Financial Data Product

Intrinio provides a disruptive data product that dispels the notion that robust financial data is only for the elite. Intrinio changes the game by providing users with high quality financial data at fraction of the cost.

They achieve this incredible feat by automating many of the outmoded processes used to collect financial industry data. The result is a more efficient collection model that uses less resources while still providing investment grade data.

Intrinio's data product monitors 50,000 securities, and 16 indices globally. It simultaneously collates and standardizes unstructured data into an actionable API feed.

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