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Vendor Spotlight: FactSet Financial Transcripts

FactSet, a leading name in financial data and analytics, joins DataStreamX with a product that supplements market intelligence for discerning investors — fully text-corrected, formatted, and verified Financial Transcripts.

With over 23,000 companies' events covered the Americas to the Far East, FactSet provides users with consistent, accurate and timely transcripts. 

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Using multiple data types from various sources is nothing new to professionals involved in the investment industry; investment decisions are made with reliable and timely data. FactSet's transcripts add a new dimension to the mix: textual analysis of calls.

As investors, analysts, use various data to guage potential on their investments, textual analysis of calls offers them the ability to compare results to ensuing stock-price movements and other activities. Factset ensures accuracy of every transcript, regardless of the complexity of the industry.

FactSet provides transcripts from major geographies, covering various events, such as the following:

Event Type

  • 431 analyst/shareholder meetings
  • 1,717 conferences and presentations
  • 5,246 earnings calls
  • 88 guidance/update meetings
  • 691 M&A, special events, and other
  • 288 sales results

Regional Coverage

  • Americas: 8,968
  • Europe: 5,199
  • Asia Pacific: 8,482


FactSet's transcripts are in PDF format.

For more information on FactSet and their data product, please visit their dedicated product page here:

FactSet Transcripts


About FactSet:

FactSet is a leading provider of financial information and analytic applications to investment professionals around the globe. FactSet provides insight into an industry that values consistency, quality, breadth, and timeliness. Every day, FactSet data is cited by leading publications and trusted by thousands of financial professionals.