Data at Work

The world of data and its many applications. This blog will help you learn how visionary companies are monetizing their data assets and utilizing external data to enhance business operations.

Enabling Data Products – The Reality of Working with Data

There is much talk about the commercialization of Big Data. Many understand its benefits, but there is a lack of awareness on how it actually happens. Some organizations join the Big Data game with misconceptions that it is a simple, easy, and quick implementation and have no real strategy in place to derive value from the data. The truth is that there is a disconnect between Big Data expectations and reality.

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Listing Streaming Data Products

Monetizing data especially real-time data streams was once a complex task. No marketplaces were set-up to handle the sheer volume and speed required until now. If your company has a real-time data stream you can quickly list it in our data marketplace and with our SDK's push the data into the platform. We will handle all scaling, metering and billing so once it is up, you just collect the checks. Our easy 8 step process will get you up and running in now time. 


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Listing Non-Streaming Data Products

Placing a data listing on DataStreamX is a completely self-service operation. For companies who have invested in developing an API management layer, we enable you to take full advantage of this investment. Simply register your product and provide the link in the data source to your API and you will be up and running in minutes in the DataStreamX data marketplace. DataStreamX makes it that simple to monetize data on our platform.


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Feature Focus: Buying Streaming and Non-Streaming Data Products

When first conceptualizing DataStreamX, we set to address the global appetite for real-time intelligence and built a platform that allows companies to transact high-velocity data streams  But as we grew, we learned that data buyers needed a marketplace to discover and purchase both streaming and non-streaming data; they wanted one platform for all their data needs. Supporting both types of data quickly became our requirement and one of the defining features of the DataStreamX marketplace.

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