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The world of data and its many applications. This blog will help you learn how visionary companies are monetizing their data assets and utilizing external data to enhance business operations.

The Power Of Collective Intelligence: What Wall Street Can't Always Do Well.

Anyone who follows corporate earnings knows that getting an accurate read from these earnings estimates can be difficult. With this problem in mind, Estimize was created. Now with more than 13,000 buy-side, sell-side and independent analysts included in our dataset, we’re more representative and more accurate than the Street around 70% of the time.

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Real-Time Google Trends and Data-Driven Journalism


Last week, Google announced that Google Trends moved to real-time. From here on, journalists and analysts can get a “faster, deeper and more comprehensive view of our world” in real-time. Culled from 100 billion monthly searches, minute-by-minute data will be made available in no less than 28 countries worldwide. By doing so, Google signifies a coming-of-age not only for news outlets, but also for corporations gathering massive amounts of intelligence worldwide. I have no doubt more organizations will follow Google’s lead.

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