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Everett Leonidas

Everett Leonidas
Data Guru & Director of Business Development at DataStreamX
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Cool New Features on DataStreamX

Now that we are officially into the New Year, we would like to introduce what’s new on the DataStreamX marketplace. Our development team has been hard at work to deliver the most user-friendly marketplace experience ever imagined. Today, we are pleased to announce two significant features immediately available to all users: direct downloading of data and social sharing of data products.

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Goodbye, Data Dark Age. Hello, DataStreamX!

Since the existence of information, procuring data has been a daunting process for the individuals and institutions who need to make use of it. Frought with pain points and obstacles, the buyer journey mostly proved to be a headache and time sink. Since DataStreamX emerged this year, the lights have come on to move knowledge workers out of the data dark age and into the modern era.

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5 Truths About The Data Marketplace

Working in business development at DataStreamX, I have a frontline perspective of hunches, beliefs, and suspicions about what our data marketplace represents to buyers and vendors. What I find interesting is the broad variance in the feedback I receive, differing by location, industry, role and experience in the data economy. Because of this variance, I find it prudent to firmly address what the DataStreamX marketplace is, and isn't.

So. What is a data marketplace anyway?

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CEO Seminar: How to mash up data in creating enriched services

In the next installment of IDA's Data 101 seminar series, DataStreamX CEO Mike Davie will be the featured seaker in a discussion on the possibilities enabled by merging internal and external data sources to drive services innovation.

The Data 101 seminar series is organised by the National Cloud Computing Office at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. Data science practicioners and enthusiasts join this monthly series to discuss current trends in big data and its application, as well as to share perspectives of the power of data science.

The seminar is on September 30 and admission is free. Click the button below to reserve a seat! 

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How to Price Data: Pricing Strategy (Part 4 of 4)

Welcome the final part of our four-part series on pricing data products. To date, we have provided a comprehensive framework for extablishing a market value for data products. This used to be opaque guesswork, but now pricing data can take a pracitcal and more orderly approach. In this blog post, we will discuss how to actually set a pricing strategy on the DataStreamX maretplace, for multiple types of products.
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