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Goodbye, Data Dark Age. Hello, DataStreamX!

Since the existence of information, procuring data has been a daunting process for the individuals and institutions who need to make use of it. Frought with pain points and obstacles, the buyer journey mostly proved to be a headache and time sink. Since DataStreamX emerged this year, the lights have come on to move knowledge workers out of the data dark age and into the modern era.

DataStreamX has nearly 100 data products at buyer's disposal from social media analytics, to financial products, to eCommerce, to global trade, to weather and more. With a wealth of products on our marketplace, we wanted to ensure we delighted buyers when searching for and procuring data. So we turned the buyer journey on it's head.




The former buyer journey was a necessary evil. Data buyers used to spend many, many months searching for data. After they found suitable vendors, they would then enter in lenghtly pricing and contract negotions. Eventually, buyers would enter into long-term agreements that may outlive the usability of the data products for their use case. All that has changed.

DataStreamX now compresses the sales and procurement cycle from months to minutes. No long-term contracts, no lengthy negotiations, no headaches. Buyers come to the marketplace with pre-determined needs, search for the product, use samples and click to purchase on monthly subscriptions. This is how data buying should always be.

Take a look at our marketplace and see for yourself at Buying and using data from our marketplace is a fluid and seamless integration process. We even created a buyer guide to further simply the buyer process. It's free and available on the link below. Get your copy today!


Quick Start Guide for Buyers