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Feature Focus: Buying Streaming and Non-Streaming Data Products

When first conceptualizing DataStreamX, we set to address the global appetite for real-time intelligence and built a platform that allows companies to transact high-velocity data streams  But as we grew, we learned that data buyers needed a marketplace to discover and purchase both streaming and non-streaming data; they wanted one platform for all their data needs. Supporting both types of data quickly became our requirement and one of the defining features of the DataStreamX marketplace.

Not all data is the same, neither are use cases. On the DataStreamX markeplace, data buyers can find a variety of historic and reference data, as well as real-time and event-driven data sets to support limitless business objectives.  I'd like to review how to identify the various data types.

How to identify real-time streams on DataStreamX
Let's look at satellite AIS data from SpaceQuest, for example. Real-time satellite AIS data records from 100,000+ commercial ships are offered on DataStreamX as a high-velocity stream of data. When browsing SpaceQuest's data listing, pricing for the "Premium Stream" is displayed under the "Pricing" tab. This option will grant buyers access to the real-time data stream via a direct push from the DataStreamX platform. Additionally, a historic, reference data set for this data stream is listed along side the "Premium Stream". I will discuss this type of data in the next section. 
 DataStreamX SpaceQuest Satellite-AIS-Artic-Region
How to identify non-streaming data listings 
For non-streaming data listed on DataStreamX, data is access by API calls. Data vendors price their products based on activity, such as the number of API calls or downloads. These pricing schema will signify that the data product is a non-streaming.
These data products are priced either on a monthly subscription or one-time access fee. These data are called on an as-required basis, opposed to the live streams. Depending on the structure of the API, companies can access individual pieces of required information or download entire datasets. DataYes, for example, lists e-Commerce data from China updated on a daily basis and prices their product based on the number of downloads allowed per month.
DataYes DataStreamX listing
Getting Started On DataStreamX

In follow-up blog posts, we will do a walk though of how buyers can utilize more user-friendly features of the DataStreamX data marketplace. To begin, grab a copy of our structuring guide

We've made it incredibly easy to access previously hard-to-find streaming and non-streaming data. The only step is our simple registration. Click below to join us!


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