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Larissa Lielacher

Larissa Lielacher
Before co-founding Flockpit, Larissa worked as an equities and FX trader and treasury and risk manager for various listed companies such as Societe Generale or ING Group. Her passion for quantitative finance led her to study it in greater depth and work as an algorithm developer for a privately-owned HFT trading company. Larissa was born in Austria and grew up in the UK and Monaco. She speaks 5.5 languages (and counting). She likes skiing and movies, received an award for outstanding effort from the National Council of Monaco and has a strong passion for sentiment analysis.
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Social Media Sentiment and Stocks: What Steve Ballmer taught us on trading on Tweets

Just before 11am New York time on Oct 16th, Twitter’s stock started showing unusual activity on the Flockpit Dashboard. Twitter had traded sluggishly in the morning, hence such an abrupt rise in activity was a strong indicator for an upcoming price movement and a quick check revealed that a tweet allegedly posted by Steve Ballmer, claiming that he had bought 4% of the company, was the hot topic.

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