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The world of data and its many applications. This blog will help you learn how visionary companies are monetizing their data assets and utilizing external data to enhance business operations.

6 Signs Your Company Needs a New Data Strategy

Big Data is not the latest jargon that has crept into executive meetings, it’s becoming an essential business practice used by most organisations today. Over the years, businesses have become aware of the insights that they can gain from data analytics and are collecting increasing amounts of data. Yet, many businesses do not have a proper data strategy in place and are simply collecting data in a frenzy. There is a difference between Big Data and having lots of data. Collecting data just for the sake of it in hopes of using it in the future is not only bad business practice, it leads to potentially costly problems for your company.

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Cool New Features on DataStreamX

Now that we are officially into the New Year, we would like to introduce what’s new on the DataStreamX marketplace. Our development team has been hard at work to deliver the most user-friendly marketplace experience ever imagined. Today, we are pleased to announce two significant features immediately available to all users: direct downloading of data and social sharing of data products.

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Is Your Data Feed Data Freed?


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Goodbye, Data Dark Age. Hello, DataStreamX!

Since the existence of information, procuring data has been a daunting process for the individuals and institutions who need to make use of it. Frought with pain points and obstacles, the buyer journey mostly proved to be a headache and time sink. Since DataStreamX emerged this year, the lights have come on to move knowledge workers out of the data dark age and into the modern era.

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Vendor Spotlight: FactEntry Global Bond Issuance Database

Monitoring and researching any aspect of Fixed Income markets is not a straightforward task. FactEntry brings to DataStreamX a product that streamlines this process — a consolidated database of global bond issuance information.


Monitoring over 500,000 corporate, sovereign, and agency bonds that are issued in 168 countries, users are assured of a convenient and time- effective manner to research the global debt capital markets.

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