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Vendor Spotlight: Intrinio Investment-Grade Financial Data Product

Intrinio provides a disruptive data product that dispels the notion that robust financial data is only for the elite. Intrinio changes the game by providing users with high quality financial data at fraction of the cost.

They achieve this incredible feat by automating many of the outmoded processes used to collect financial industry data. The result is a more efficient collection model that uses less resources while still providing investment grade data.

Intrinio's data product monitors 50,000 securities, and 16 indices globally. It simultaneously collates and standardizes unstructured data into an actionable API feed.

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Intrinio's API provides users with the following:

  • Last Stock Price Data: 50,000 Securities
  • Historical Stock Price Data: 8,700 Securities
  • As - Reported Financial Statement Data: 7,000 Securities
  • Standardized Financial Statement Data: 3,500 Securities
  • Basic Company Information
  • Hundreds of Metrics & Ratios
  • Sales, Growth, and Earnings Estimates
  • Pricing Data for 16 Indices
  • Economic Data

Intrinio's data product provides access to all of this data in one convenient product so users can be prepared to seize opportunity, regardless of the market. A consolidated data stream with such deep insights has never before been possible at reasonable price points. 

Try a free sample of this powerful data product and you'll realize that financial forecasting and preparedness can be simple, robust and affordable, all at the same time.


Intrinio's REST API is structured so that the data can be pulled directly into any business intelligence tool or client interface. Users decide if they want to perform financial modeling, or view the data as the company filed it.

For more information on Intrinio and their data product, please visit their dedicated product page here:

Global Coverage - Investment-Grade Data of 50,000 Securities & 16 Indices

About Intrinio:

Intrinio's management are a passionate team of financial and technical professionals dedicated to providing users with the fastest, most flexible, and affordable financial data and resources without ever compromising quality. Their unshakable belief in having better ways for better solutions has helped them shape Intrinio.