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Vendor Spotlight: Intrinio Investment-Grade Financial Data Product

Intrinio provides a disruptive data product that dispels the notion that robust financial data is only for the elite. Intrinio changes the game by providing users with high quality financial data at fraction of the cost.

They achieve this incredible feat by automating many of the outmoded processes used to collect financial industry data. The result is a more efficient collection model that uses less resources while still providing investment grade data.

Intrinio's data product monitors 50,000 securities, and 16 indices globally. It simultaneously collates and standardizes unstructured data into an actionable API feed.

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Vendor Spotlight: DFRC Mobility Data

Data Fusion Research Centre (DFRC), the most recent vendor to join DataStreamX, allows businesses to fuel analytics for the real world with situational intelligence on locations and movement of people.

DFRC's data products capture the number of visitors in select districts from Europe and Asia, giving users a representative historical view of people flows in the area. With use cases ranging from retail analytics to city planning, footfall data proves to be highly valuable to any organizational growth strategy. The data is collected in hourly intervals, allowing users to extract accurate information and analyze the crowd's ebb and flow.

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Vendor Spotlight: InfoTrie Daily Stock Sentiment Score

InfoTrie, the newest vendor to join the DataStreamX marketplace, brings to market a product that can enhance stock market predications with the most comprehensive, market-moving metrics - Sentiment Score, News Volume and Buzz, and Intraday Scores. This easy to understand monitoring and predictive analytics tool can benefit individuals, financial institutions, corporations and data scientists alike.

InfoTrie's Daily Stock Sentiment scours news outlets and social media for bullish or bearish sentiment on more than 40,000 listed and unlisted stocks across world equity markets in The Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

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Vendor Spotlight: WDT SkyWise global weather products

Weather Decsion Tehchnologies, Inc, the newest data vendor on the DataStreamX platform, brings their deep technical expertise on global weather phenonmenon to the DataStreamX marketplace with four data products from their SkyWise product family.


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WDT's data products montiors global weather from over 14.000 observation points to give buyers access to robust and reliable real-time and predictive weather information. This information is packaged into four data products that empower businesses to adjust operations given climate trends and the latest weather forecasts.

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Vendor Spotlight: FlockPit US Equity Sentiment

FlockPit, the most recent data vendor to join the DataStreamX community, brings to market a FinTech product that provides a competitive edge to intelligent investors.

FlockPit's proprietary technology monitors the web for sentiment contained in social media disucssions and news articles about U.S. equities. This information is packaged into a product that can enhance investors' predications with the most comprehensive, market-moving metrics - Social Media Activity, Impact, and Sentiment Score.

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