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Vendor Spotlight: InfoTrie Daily Stock Sentiment Score

InfoTrie, the newest vendor to join the DataStreamX marketplace, brings to market a product that can enhance stock market predications with the most comprehensive, market-moving metrics - Sentiment Score, News Volume and Buzz, and Intraday Scores. This easy to understand monitoring and predictive analytics tool can benefit individuals, financial institutions, corporations and data scientists alike.

InfoTrie's Daily Stock Sentiment scours news outlets and social media for bullish or bearish sentiment on more than 40,000 listed and unlisted stocks across world equity markets in The Americas, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

InfoTrie Stock Sentiment

 As investors, fund managers, traders, and equities analysts become increasingly bombarded by large amounts of digital information, InfoTrie allows them to cut through the noise and focus attention on news that matters mosgt. InfoTrie's proprietary techonology enables real-time conversion of unstructured data (published by published by more than 6,000 reputable sources and social media sites) into a structured feed containing sentiment, relevance and novelty scores.

InfoTrie's API is structured to integrate with business intelligence tools, so that the data can be pulled directly into any client interface and then manipulated to address the users’ needs.

Each API call will contain the following parameters:

  • Sentiment Score
  • Sentiment High / Low
  • News Volume
  • News Buzz

For more information on InfoTrie and their data product, please visit their dedicated product page here:

Daily News Sentiment for 45K Stocks


About InfoTrie:

InfoTrie colletively has decades of expertise on Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Engineering & Quantitative Modelling. The Management Team at InfoTrie see themselves at the crossroad of these domains and aim to leverage Big Data technologies to change the way unstructured information is consumed in Finance today.