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Data Monetization Go-To-Market Guide:Part 4

Based on the price of your data product that you have determined in part 3, you will now be able start offering your data product to the market. In this final part of the series, we discuss how to market and deliver your product to your consumers.

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What Exactly is Data Monetization?

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Vendor Spotlight: FactEntry Global Bond Issuance Database

Monitoring and researching any aspect of Fixed Income markets is not a straightforward task. FactEntry brings to DataStreamX a product that streamlines this process — a consolidated database of global bond issuance information.


Monitoring over 500,000 corporate, sovereign, and agency bonds that are issued in 168 countries, users are assured of a convenient and time- effective manner to research the global debt capital markets.

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Vendor Spotlight: FactSet Financial Transcripts

FactSet, a leading name in financial data and analytics, joins DataStreamX with a product that supplements market intelligence for discerning investors — fully text-corrected, formatted, and verified Financial Transcripts.

With over 23,000 companies' events covered the Americas to the Far East, FactSet provides users with consistent, accurate and timely transcripts. 

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Vendor Spotlight: Estimize Crowd-sourced Earnings Estimates

"Crowd-sourced financial data is the natural evolution of investment research"

Estimize is consistently proving itself on having a better view on investment earnings expectations. With more than 13,000 contributors providing estimates on over 1,800 US equities, they have created a system that presents investors a holistic view of the market's true expectations.

Estimize has been outperforming Wall Street consensus estimates by being more accurate 70% of the time.

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