Data at Work

The world of data and its many applications. This blog will help you learn how visionary companies are monetizing their data assets and utilizing external data to enhance business operations.

Enabling Data Products – The Reality of Working with Data

There is much talk about the commercialization of Big Data. Many understand its benefits, but there is a lack of awareness on how it actually happens. Some organizations join the Big Data game with misconceptions that it is a simple, easy, and quick implementation and have no real strategy in place to derive value from the data. The truth is that there is a disconnect between Big Data expectations and reality.

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The Future of the Data Economy

Our industry continues to see an ongoing upsurge in data volumes. This comes with the insatiable need by industry leading companies to exploit existing data to foster business development and growth. We can see the data economy expanding as the many barriers that hinder and impede its progress are torn down.

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Mobility Data in the Insurance Industry

Barely recovering from the financial crisis and facing disruption from new technology, the insurance industry has to leverage on information outside of their organization to compete in today’s economy.

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The Uses of Mobility Data in the Financial Services Industry

Facing increased regulation and disruption from new technology, banks and financial institutions who want to maintain their competitive edge need to leverage on mobility data.

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Mobility Data in the Retail Industry

Just how do major retailers use mobility data to stay competitive in this fast paced industry? Read on and adopt these methods for your retail store today.

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