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Our Data Marketplace is Live!

DataStreamX: enabling the data economy 

We are very happy to announce that the DataStreamX data marketplace is live to everyone! Data buyers and sellers alike can quickly register to access our marketplace and start transacting data. Once you login, buyers can browse the data marketplace and sellers can begin to monetize data by on-boarding their data products.



With DataStreamX, buying and selling data has never been easier. We’ve built many features to simplify data procurement into a “point and click data buying” experience. In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting these key features of our platform.




In addition, we’ve purposefully designed the DataStreamX marketplace to present buyers and sellers with the same user interface. In today’s data economy, a data seller is likely a buyer of data as well and vice versa.


Register now and come join the data economy. We hope to see you on-board our marketplace soon!


-Mike Davie

CEO and proud team member 


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